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“Corelle Brands Australia now offers a premium range of Corelle dinnerware and Pyrex prepware for the Australian Food Service Industry. We are committed to serving the needs of the Hospitality, Aged Care and Food Service Distribution network with our unique product features and excellent customer service”

A rich history of innovation perfect for foodservice

Foodservice establishments across the industry trust the Corelle Brands portfolio of products for superior performance. Designed for use in all of today’s foodservice segments, our family of brands is committed to meeting the demands of today’s foodservice operations through exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, durability and service.

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History of innovation

Born of innovation, each of our brands has led their respective category with products designed to meet important consumer needs.

  • 1915

    Pyrex® launches its first 12 heat-resistant glass bakeware products

  • 1925

    Pyrex® launches the iconic measuring cup

  • 1947

    Pyrex® introduces opal glass mixing bowls, in a variety of bright colors

  • 1957

    Pyrex® introduces casserole dishes, with decorative patterns

  • 1970

    Corelle® introduces its proprietary 3-layer glass dinnerware, in a single pattern: Winter Frost White

  • 1973

    Corelle® enters the Middle Eastern market

  • 1977

    Pyrex® introduces decorative tinted transparent glass bakeware

  • 1978

    Corelle® enters the Japanese market

  • 1986

    Pyrex® introduces 'Rainbow' mixing bowls

  • 1988

    Corelle® enters the South Korean market

  • 1995

    Pyrex® introduces "Portables" storage-and-carrying case sets for on-the-go cooks

  • 1998

    Corelle® enters the Indian market

  • 2001

    Corelle® enters the Mexican market

  • 2005

    Corelle® introduces Square, an entirely new shape for its plates

  • 2006

    Corelle® enters the Chinese market

  • 2014

    Pyrex® reaches a milestone, producing 100 million pieces of Pyrex over the past 10 years

  • 2015

    Pyrex® celebrates its 100th Anniversary

  • 2016

    Pyrex® launches the uniquely crafted, one-of-a-kind Watercolor Collection

  • 2018

    Pyrex® launches two-color decorated food storage

  • 2018

    Corelle’s Corning, NY facility named Factory of the Future

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